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Caulking Guns Nowadays

by Noam Barel on February 06, 2022

It is 2022 and there are many changes happening all around us, with technology getting better, too. In the world of home improvement, things are moving fast, too. Caulking, for example, used to be a very tedious job, with all the manual pushing of the trigger to push all the caulk out. But now, there are several cordless caulking guns you can buy that reduce that intensive process.  You can then say goodbye to sore hands and start working on both thin and thick caulk with ease.

What is a Cordless Caulking Gun?

We established in our other blogs that there are different types of caulking guns, one of which is a cordless caulking gun. This is essentially a battery-operated tool that is used to apply a bead of caulk into cracks. The most traditional caulk gun was invented by Theodore Witte in 1894, when he used a ratcheted piston to squeeze out window putty. The result was a cleaner finish, which he liked. He might have gotten the idea from a cake decorator's gun, too. 

Lukewarm Reception 

When Witte presented his invention to the world, there was a lukewarm reception to it. Caulking had been done differently before and it had worked for them, so there was very little incentive to change. That same reservation can be seen in how a cordless caulking gun is viewed today. Some experienced professionals would say that a compact gun could also do the job with ease. Others also question the pressure exerted by the gun to release the caulk, with some probably worrying that the power might not be enough or inconsistent, which could result in a thicker caulk drip. 

Proving Them Wrong

A cordless caulking gun can actually be your best friend. There are several reasons why you should consider buying one. 

  1. The force a cordless caulking gun can deliver ranges from 750 pounds of force to as much as 950 pounds, depending on the specific model. This means you have greater flexibility. There is also a way to vary the speed of dispensing the caulk so that you can adjust for both thin and thick caulk. The slower you go, the thicker the caulk, while the opposite happens if you go faster.
  2. A cordless caulking gun will usually come with a tube puncture rod. This is true as well for most guns, therefore making it easy to break the seal inside the caulk canister.
  3. There is going to be a better flow of the sealant as even pressure is applied since the process is almost automated. 

Key Considerations When Buying a Cordless Caulking Gun

  • Ease of Use: When looking for a cordless gun, check out the size and the handle. Those with smaller hands should go for appropriately-sized handles, while those with bigger hands, can go for larger handles. Just imagine how difficult it would be for you to fumble around because your hand and the caulk gun are incompatible!
  • Overall Durability: Durability should be outstanding. There is now a growing preference for plastic-made caulk guns. Siliguns has a compact caulking gun that has proven to be durable as it is made of ABS plastic. Metal frames are clunky and really outdated.
  • Battery Capacity: Most of the cordless caulking gun that is available in the market now are either 18V to 24V and has a power capacity of 1.5 Ah. How long it lasts will actually depend on several factors, such as the thickness of the caulk being used, the number of minutes it is on and even the weather conditions. We know that colder weather is a boon to battery-operated devices. 
  • Warranty: If they come with a free extended warranty, then go for it. Most caulking guns in the market are of good quality so there is very little need for an extra warranty.
  • Weight: Sealant guns usually weigh from around 2.1 to 3.0 kg. Needless to say, if the gun is heavier, it will be more difficult to move around. You might even need to use both hands.
  • Trigger: A cordless caulking gun does not need you to push too hard as it is powered by electricity. The trigger should have variable speed so that you can work with any caulk thickness. 
  • Revolving Frame: A revolving frame allows you to work any surface, including hard to reach ones. If this is not an option, better go with a compact gun. 

How To Operate a Cordless Caulking Gun

Now that you have a deeper understanding of what to look for in a caulking gun,  how do we now use a cordless caulking gun? There is not much of a difference from a regular one, but let us go over the steps, to be sure.

  1. Add the batteries to the slots located at the bottom of the caulk gun. Putting the batteries on a cordless caulk gun is no different from that of a cordless drill. 
  2. Pull back the rod to give way to the insertion of the caulk canister. 
  3. Punch a hole in the canister's tip. Use a pair of scissors, a knife or the built-in spout cutter. 
  4. Release the rod so that pressure would now be applied to the canister. 
  5. Adjust the speed of dispensing the caulk from the canister. Again, the faster you go, the thinner the caulk. 
  6. Press the trigger to release the caulk. 
  7. Move along the crack or corner you are trying to seal. Move at a constant speed.

Summary and Final Thoughts

We now have a better understanding of what a cordless caulking gun could bring to the table. Its benefits include being easy to use and friendly to one's hands. You can say goodbye now to fatigued hands and can work on more projects due to the time you will save. We also learned what to look for in a caulk gun and most importantly, how to operate one. 

As battery-operated caulk guns gain more prominence, they will inevitably be a part of our toolkit, if not already. You should always buy from certified shops online, better yet those with patented caulk guns in their lineup.