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Here's why SILIGUN is the best caulking gun in the market

by JM on February 06, 2022

We want the best, right? But, sometimes we are really not sure what "best" means. For example, when we say that this is the best caulking gun available in the market, what exactly does it entail? Is it cheap? Is it endorsed by experts in the field? We are going to explore what all of these means in our quest to look for the best caulking gun that you can find, depending on your specific needs. 

What is a Caulking Gun?
We have a comprehensive guide on what a caulking gun is and how to use it in another blog.  These are devices that help people caulk. It simply means that it helps you or the house contractor seal corners that are prone to leaking. You do not want any area of the house to have leakage, right? Water damage is not something you would want as it can cause many potential issues, including corrosion and rotting of the structures. Professionals only work with the best caulking gun and not the inferior ones.

Parts of the Caulking Gun

  • handle - this is the one a user grips. It is best that it is slip-free so that a firm grip is maintained when working various angles. Padded handles are the best because they are comfortable to use.
  • trigger - as with other types of guns, this needs to be pushed to trigger the release of caulk from the canister. 
  • plunger - the plunger is the one that pushes the caulk canister.  When using traditional caulking guns, this needs to be pulled back before sliding the canister
  • frame or canister tray - the canister tray is where the canister rests. In compact guns, its length is reduced.


  • tip cutter (if not, use a knife)
  • puncture tool (optional)

Types of Caulking Guns

There are various types of caulking guns in the market and as with any type of equipment, you only want the best caulking gun. 

  • Sausage Guns - the product usually comes packaged in a tube that is similar to sausage packaging. The tip is not found in front, but at the end of the gun and can be reused.
  • Air Powered Guns - uses air to push out the caulk
  • Two-Canister Guns - Dual component adhesives are used in a 1:1 mix ratio. The resulting caulk, according to many, provides better hardness than other
  • Drip-Free Guns - silicon does not flow, hence it results in a cleaner, more elegant job. The rod retracts after every pull to prevent any drip from happening.
  • Compact Guns - lightweight design and are usually made of ABS plastic. They are easy to hold and can be easily controlled by the one using it. This is arguably the best caulking gun because it can work in weird angles and limited space
  • Cordless Guns - a well-designed tool that can provide good value. Has enough pounds of push force and can vary in terms of speed to allow for use of low and high viscosity materials.

The Best Caulking Gun

Siligun sells a patented compact gun that is considered the best caulking gun in the market today. It is a reinvention of the more traditional design. Remember that a caulking gun is designed to deliver a continuous line of caulk with the purpose of sealing two gapped surfaces, usually between jambs or windows, or even roof corners. 

The majority of the caulking guns in the market today are manual and it has that protruding rod at the back, which can be very difficult to handle when working. This has been solved by the design of a patented caulk gun which is only 4 inches long. 

What should you look for when scouting for the best caulking gun?

  1. Lightweight - caulking is already a rather tedious process because you have to deal with angles and a rather heavy caulk canister. If the gun is itself heavy, then it unduly causes you to be tired right away. Go for lightweight, yet durable plastic-based guns.
  2. High Thrust Ratio - look for a high thrust ratio. This is the measure of the force that is applied to the tube piston every time you pull the trigger. A higher ratio means better flow. It can also handle caulk that is higher in viscosity. Typically thrust ratios range from 3:1 up to 18:1. The best caulking gun would sit anywhere from 11:1 to 18:1
  3. Anti Drip Features - no one wants a messy finish, right? The best caulking gun would ideally have anti-drip features so that none of the excess caulk could get into the area being sealed.
  4. Compact - as with being lightweight, it is important for caulking guns to be compact. Bulky and heavy tools are not favored. 
  5. Flexibility - if a caulking gun has a higher thrust ratio, it can work with a variety of caulk available, whether it is pure silicone, pure latex, latex silicone, rubber caulk, refractory caulk and masonry repair caulk.
  6. Reusable Puncture Pin - this is really optional, but having a reusable puncture pin is handy as you do not need any third party puncture pin. 

Other Tips

When buying the best caulking gun, make sure that they are of the best price. Buying an expensive one does not necessarily mean the best product. With Siligun's Compact Caulking Gun, for example, you can buy it for only $29.95 and it is arguably the best caulking gun out there.
Always think of the purpose of why you are buying a gun and the type of job you will be doing. If you are going caulking repeatedly, for example, you might want to consider a cordless caulk gun. 

Also, select one that does not make you frustrated. Usually ratchet caulking guns are cumbersome to use, so avoid them. Choose a smooth plunger instead or a compact caulk gun. Always remember that the weight of the gun matters. For many, the best caulking gun is the one that is open-frame, compared to full-bodied ones because the former weighs less. We do not want you feeling sore after only doing an hour's work. We do hope you find the best caulking gun out there and happy DIYing!