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How to Use a Caulking Gun

by Noam Barel on February 06, 2022

When doing house repairs, it is sometimes best to hire professionals to do the job. However, try getting a quotation and you would be surprised that they charge insanely high amounts anywhere from at least $30 an hour. The job looks simple enough and it can be done with ample practice and you will know how to use a caulking gun in no time. It is best, however, to also understand why caulking is done so that you know the idea and science behind it.

Of course, there is also a need for you to learn how to use a caulking gun and the best caulking techniques out there.  But first, let us try to understand what caulking is and when you need to do it. 

What are Caulk and Caulking?

For the most part, they are one and the same term, with a preference for the term "caulk". It is a material used to seal seams or joints in various piping and other structures like gutter corners, end caps and against the roof of chimneys to prevent leakage.

In short, caulking might be needed anywhere there is a break in siding. When you hire a contractor to build your house, this is supposed to be done perfectly and you never have to worry about leakages or water dripping at all for the foreseeable future.
If the job is not so good, however, you might find yourself having to do it yourself so it is best that you how to use a caulking gun to do it. 

When we do interior decorating, the first instinct is to hire someone to do it. This is normal because the task can seem tedious. DIYers, however, love the idea because they can put their skills and tools to a test. Caulking is one of the easiest to do and it makes a big difference.

Imagine lying down inside the bathtub one day and then noticing that the water from the tub, which is supposedly not leaking is finding itself through the corners of the tub. After ruling out any other major cracks or plumbing issues, you figure out it could be the moisture dripping out and you needed to seal it with caulk. The thing is you do not know how to use a caulking gun, and so you head over this our guide here and look for the steps. 

You are in luck because we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on what to do, here at

What do you need when caulking?

There are several things you will need, some of which are already available in your work shed. 

  1. Wire Brush - you need this to clean any existing caulk on the corner you are trying to fix
  2. Painter's Tape - used to ensure that only the areas in need of caulk will get them
  3. Utility Knife - can be used to open the caulk 
  4. Caulk Plug - if you did not use all of the caulk, you need this to re-seal it
  5. Caulk Finishing Tool - this is to smoothen out the edges around the application area for a more professional finish
  6. Caulk Gun - the main tool you will use to push the caulk out of the container and onto the surface.

Also, make sure that you are using the right type of caulk for the specific job you are doing. Now, let us go into the process of how to use a caulking gun so that you can start doing that project you had been putting off.

How to Use a Caulking Gun

Preparing the Caulk Gun

  1. Open the tube. You can use the knife to do this. Note that the closer to the tip you are cutting, the smaller the opening. It is better to cut small and then cut again if the opening is not enough than to cut a big hole right away.
  2. Press the clutch to release the trigger at the back of the gun. This process will loosen the long steel rod running along the entirety of the frame, which makes the next step possible
  3. Insert the tube into the gun, with the nozzle facing away. While doing this, hold the steel rod back and load the tube into the frame. Ensure that the flat end is snug and fit. If you can do this in a snap, it shows that you know the basics of how to use a caulking gun. 
  4. Pull the handle to lock everything in place. To practice hold the gun at a 45-degree angle, with the nozzle facing down.  Use a piece of paper first as your canvas. Press the trigger and then move the caulking gun slowly but surely in one direction. 

Using the Caulking Gun

  1. Once you are confident in using the caulking gun, you can now start your DIY project. Hold the caulking gun at 45 degrees to the corner of the crack you are trying to seal. Compact caulking guns can be operated using only one hand, but it is better to use both for better flow. If you move too fast, the caulk could come out too thin. Move at a steady pace, only in one direction.
  2. Move the caulking gun along the lines of the crack or surface. If you missed a spot, do not worry. You can still go back for a second run and cover the missed portions. As you do more of these, you will know how to use a caulking gun with ease and would not miss any cracks anymore.

After Caulking

  1. Examine the area and use the knife to cut out any excess. Also, use the finishing tool to smoothen out the edges. 
  2. Remove any painter's tape you put on and any caulk that had gotten onto it will come with it. 
  3. Experts who know how to use a caulking gun also suggest that you use a heated spoon if you want a smoother line. You can do this by heating the spoon for 30 seconds and then sliding the curved edge over the caulk to smooth it. 
  4. Let the caulk dry and congratulate yourself as you now know how to use a caulking gun. has its patented compact design caulking gun that you can use for your DIY needs. It is ideal for tight spaces, awkward angles and for general use. Given that you know how to use a caulking gun now, better to get the best one available, too!