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Seven Good Reasons Why You Should Get a No Drip Caulk Gun

by Noam Barel on February 06, 2022

There was a time when caulking was a difficult task to accomplish because caulking guns were cheaply made and difficult to manipulate. In the early years of modern caulking, guns used ratchet rods, not because they are the best, but because there was pretty much the only choice at the hardware store. Older-style caulk guns have serrate pushrods. A no drip caulk gun does not have these serrations anymore and there is no need to turn the push rod upside down to be able to stop the flow of the caulk sealant. Failing to do the above results in the continuous oozing of the sealant, making a mess and a non-professional looking workplace.

While ratchet-rod caulk guns are still very much in the market, there is now a growing preference for no drip caulk guns. 

How to Use a No Drip Caulk Gun

Given that they are now more popular, it is a good idea to know how to use a no drip caulk gun. The steps below are the general ones, but each model might have a different process, so it is still good practice to read the manual. 

  1. Cut The Tip Of The Canister tube - newer caulk guns typically have a cutter you can use to sever the tip. They are typically nested somewhere in the body so you can just look for anything that has a semblance of a blade or cutter. Slowly insert the tip while ensuring that you do not hurt yourself.  Squeeze the handle lever and that shout cut an opening. While spout cutters are handy, they usually dull over time, so you might need to use a knife instead. 
  2. Punch the Caulk Canister Seal - there are also built in wire rods that can be used to punch a hole into the sealant's seal inside the tube. this is usually found along the length of the gun's body. Use the wire to punch through the seal inside. Make sure that you wipe the wire clean. Fold it away before you mount the tube into the body of the no drip caulk gun.
  3. Advance the Pressure Rod - twist it to advance. Unlike ratchet-rod guns, a no drip gun usually uses a smooth-rod design which has an infinite range. it means that squeezing the handle for a short period means dispensing a small amount of caulk, while a large squeeze will give out more caulk. When you press the trigger, the pressure-bar is released slightly, which then allows the bar to move and discharge the caulk. The advantage here is that it will give out twice the pressure, for the same force. Of course, this reduces the effort on your hand, so less fatigue.
  4. Release the Pressure Rod - once this is released in traditional guns, it will stop the flow of caulk. The process is easier in no drip caulk gun because a simple push on the locking plate releases and instantly stops any sealant from dripping out. If you want to remove the caulk canister, simply press the lever and then pull back on the rod to expose that entire tube while carefully slipping it out of the gun.

Seven Good Reasons Why You Should Get a No Drip Caulk Gun

  • Does Not Require A Lot Of Pressure - because of the high thrust ratio of at least 13:1 a no drip caulk gun is best for DIY projects. You get twice the flow for the same amount of pressure you would normally apply on a traditional gun
  • Compact - no drip caulk guns are usually just about 4 inches long so they are not as bulky as the other ratchet-style guns. Because they are compact, they can easily be transported in a toolbox. 
  • only a bit more expensive - yes, the no drip caulk gun is a bit more expensive, but they are generally more durable, too. Plus with all the benefits we mention here, we can say that it is worth every buck. 
  • Higher Precision - the newer guns have specialized nozzles and mechanisms that allow the DIY enthusiast to dispense caulk on the joins seamlessly. There is also greater control and range, as we mentioned above, which means that the end product is a more professional finish. 
  • Reduces Waste - no one wants to have more waste, right? With a no drip caulk gun, there is going to be no drippings and hence no wasted sealant. Also, if there are drips on the wall or on the floor, it will require more time to clean up. As the cliché goes, time is gold and so any minute you spend cleaning up is money lost. 
  • Faster Seam Sealing - because no drip caulk guns are more compact and powerful, you can seal the seams faster. You can also work fast because the gun is not that heavy. Their triggers are also softer. If you are used to the more traditional guns, you might need some time to adjust. This means that for the first few tries, you will likely push the trigger a bit too much and dispense more caulk than needed. Don't worry as you can always try again until you get the hang of it.
  • Multipurpose - a good quality no drip caulk gun can be used in various situations that require a sealant. Are the seal joints in your bathroom door showing water damage? Use a no drip caulk gun to seal it. Do you have a boat and the seams needed to be waterproofed? Go ahead and bring out your tool and start caulking. In addition, a caulking canister can be easily replaced once done so it is easy to switch from one project to the next.


If you are in the market for a caulk gun for your next project, go ahead and buy a no drip caulk gun. It is better than other guns because it not only allows you to save money in the long run, but it also does not make your hands sore right away. You will save not just money, but time. You can then use that time to be with family members or work on developing other skills.