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Types of Caulk

by Noam Barel on February 06, 2022

Just like painting a house, caulking is of the home improvement projects that first time DIYers find a bit daunting and intimidating. A few others assume it is easy, but in reality, it sits somewhere in the middle. If one learns the right way to properly caulk and use the best caulk gun 2022 has to offer, the job is quite manageable. 

All too often, however, the job ends up in a mess because the proper steps in caulking have really not been followed. So what are some of the key considerations and steps when caulking, aside from getting to know more about the best caulking gun 2022 has in store for you?

What to Remember When Working on a Caulking Project

People are usually surprised that there are various types of caulk and caulk guns. When selecting the tools for the job, it is always best to select the best caulk gun 2022 can give you, and not settle for anything subpar. There are new models available that had been patented and guaranteed to make caulking easy for everyone.

Before Caulking

Know which caulk you should be using.  There are many types of caulk in the market and there is really no one-type fits all type of sealant. If you use the wrong type, it could result in a leak, which you do not want.

Caulk Type


Acrylic Latex Caulk

General-purpose sealant that could be painted on. This is not advisable for use in wet areas but can be great for dry areas where it can then be painted over to protect it from moisture. It is usually good for wood moldings or baseboards.

Pure Silicone Caulk

One of the more expensive caulks but worth it because it is ideal in high moisture areas like around tubs and in showers. It also comes in various colors, to make up for the fact you cannot use paint on top of it. Pair it with the best caulk gun 2022 can provide you and you are off to a good start.

Masonry Repair Caulk

If you are doing general work to seal seams in concrete slabs, stucco or brickwork, this is the best type of sealant you can use.

Butyl Rubber Caulk

When sealing gutters, flashings or similar outdoor infrastructures that are exposed to the elements, this is the type you use.

Refractory Caulk

High-temperature areas or corners like those close to fireplaces or ovens need a refractory caulk. This can handle the heat more than the others.

Of course, you do not only consider the type of caulk, but the model of the gun you will use. There are many out there, but for sure,  you want to use the best caulk gun 2022 has produced. Many professionals would opt for the dripless caulk gun, while DIYers would prefer the compact gun. It really depends on what your preferences are and the nature of the job you are doing. 

Equipment You Need

Below are the equipment and tools you will need to be able to caulk properly. 

  • caulk removal tool
  • razor blade scraper
  • putty knife or 5-in-1 tool
  • smooth action or dripless caulk gun
  • vacuum
  • caulk  (in canister)
  • cotton rags
  • painter's tape

Looking for and Using The Best Caulk Gun 2022 has Come up With

Well, if you have not found the one yet, let us give you an idea of what you should be looking for in a caulk gun. 

  • We normally shop online now, so when looking at the product description, go ahead and look for the thrust ratio. The higher it is, the better. A ballpark figure is 12:1.
  • Check out the rod. As we established in other blogs, there are two types of rods that are usually found in hardware stores. The first one is the ratchet rod and the second is the smooth rod. The latter is used by dripless guns. The best caulk gun 2022 could give us is one that has a smooth rod because it prevents the leakage of sealant from the canister. You do not want to waste any caulk, right?
  • Look for a revolving frame if you plan to caulk on corners, or simply use a compact gun as it is shorter in length and could be used around corners. 
  • Some also say that a sausage gun could help save sealants because, by design, it is meant to squeeze out every drop of that caulk. There is very little waste as a result.
  • Consider using a powered cordless gun. This might even be the best caulk gun 2022 can give you. Manual pressing of the trigger causes muscles to be sore all the time. While it will develop the muscles in the hand, it is not necessarily good for your own joints, so a powered gun can be very handy. 

Which is the Best Caulk Gun 2022 Offers You?

Our team believes that Siligun offers the best caulk gun 2022 could provide the DIY world that you will ever find. The company's patented Compact 4# Caulking Gun is the smallest anti-drip extreme duty you can find in the market today. 

Advantages of the Compact Caulk Gun

  1. Patented Design - its design is protected by law and has been thoroughly thought off. 
  2. Flexible - Because it is the best caulk gun 2022 has ever produced, it is suitable for use with 10-oz cartridges or even the 310 ml sausage packs. This brings the best bang for your buck, for sure. 
  3. Caulk-Friendly - all styles of caulks, be it silicone, latex or acrylic are good to use using a compact caulk gun.
  4. Ideal for Tight Spaces - with a compact gun, you can reach tight spaces, even the ones behind the toilet. It takes seconds to load the gun and even faster to put the sealant in place. 
  5. Drip-Free Technology - you can easily remove excess caulk. Also, there is a smoother finish when using a compact gun, so your work will look like that of a professional!

Remember that when working on a project, it is always better to have the correct mindset, the appropriate level or skill, the right tool and the right amount of energy to be able to fulfill a task to completion. We wish you all the best in your next caulking journey!